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DIY is immensely powerful, flexible and nicely responsive.

Need a corporate website, a portfolio, a photo showcase or an hotel vitrine. This theme can handle infinite skins and match with almost
any type of businesses. Take a tour at our 5 beautiful skins by clicking here.

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Endless Skins

Creativity has not limit

With options like 500+ Google fonts to choose from, different color or size for each typo elements, a header drag & drop to move around and resize logo and menu, the possibility to upload header, body, sidebar or footer background and much more. You’ll have a unique website in no time.

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Mobile Friendly

Beautiful on all devices

DIY has been smartly developed to keep consistency across platforms and devices. No content is hidden on smaller screens but only rethink to have an optimal viewing experience. Easy reading with a minimum of resizing and panning across a wide range of devices.

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Amazingly Powerful

Most advance admin front-end

Because our target is to give to our users the easiest and quickest way to create a website, we’ve created a powerful tool to manage on the front side. From creating new pages, changing the color, updating settings to dragging shortcodes to the page, it will save you a lot of time and hassle.

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Options Out Of The Box

Ready in 5 minutes

Even 5 minutes is far too long. DIY gives you the option to import dummy data if you have a brand new WP install, it even let you choose from the 5 demo skins available. With just a few clicks away after the theme is activated you will enjoy a beautiful working website with dummy text.

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Our Latest Projects

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Our Clients

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