A  year in Zambia, sitting and staring at the stunning pages of National Geographic was the beginning of my love of photography. I first worked with a Periflex rangefinder then Minolta SLR. Using Kodachrome slide film made me appreciate ASA (now ISO), colour and tones.

Darkroom dalliances also increased the pleasure and steep learning curve of developing my own black and white films; then came the amazing challenge of exhibiting one’s own prints. After a few portraits of friends and associates came the wedding challenges.

They were OK, encouraging more serious commissions and bigger weddings. I survived some highly-charged try outs. My clients liked the candids, the middle-aged aunts and anxious mothers took to my theatrical cajoling and willingness to share smiles. That gave me some praise and a number of welcome referrals. Zachary Photography awaits more.

Zachary Photography was born

Around 2004 when I decided to present a portfolio to the internationally renowned Royal Photographic Society. Two tries later I gained the distinction, LRPS. The successful folio included moments from the ‘street action’ folio; Brazilian jugglers, French acrobats – the other half a study of people in and around public transport. Next level up is the Associateship. It’ll be tough but energising, inspriring.

  • Early days in France brought commissions:
  • Accenture: – Personnel and recruiting pages Valbonne Village: – Office de Tourisme
  • Shpirer: – a jewellry maker, then an international potter and a Monaco yacht company.

Following that was publication in Marie-Claire, prize winner in Photography Monthly plus a number of portraits and extraordinary weddings. ]I held annual exhibitions (with one in Amsterdam) for half a dozen years. They sold well and to 4 continents. The highlight of 2011 was being short-listed for the “Travel Photographer of the Year”. This is almost certainly the travel competition globally; so a huge learning experience.

Cancer France was a rather specialised project carried out to the great satisfaction of the centre; the ambience portrayed as desired. There followed work for the Daily Express in 2011, company portraits for Celsius (Sophia Antipolis) and a large local choir. My portraiture is still in demand but I also intend to develop the ” Environmental Portrait”.

The eclectic continues to intrigue. Edgy is a buzz word. Blog style demands rethinking. One recent commission intrigued; the blessing of a wonderful pink rose specially cultivated for my remarkable client. Last summer Budapest beckoned, this year landscapes and the people of Scotland. I will use film again; Tri-X or Neopan with digital as back up. Oh, the anticipation!!

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