Europe’s largest natural Lotus pond is a few minutes away and watching and photographing the life cycle over the last 3 years has been a revelation. The 2 images here are from late spring when the flowers are about to bud and then in the first folds of autumn where there is an almost extra terrestrial feel about this close up. I have many images and the entry into IGPOTY gave me insights into how to look and take what others cannot readily see. I continue to work on this; the l’Etang, Mougins is both beautiful and accessible but also – thankfully – a protected, preservation area. The other images are the very tentative attempts at landscapes and the making of photographs of the mix of man and nature. Watch this section as intend to fill it with images that praise light and the land. Soon!

Nikon D300 and D70 supported by monopod and heavy duty tripod. The lake needs my 70 -300 mm zoom. I will use colour film – possibly Velvia again – for the scapes coming during the summer.